Title Published Date
Raising funds from the sky - 08/08/2016 27 September 2016
Arthur Brito finally reaches Kathmandu - 28/06/2016 27 September 2016
Camp Hope family grows - 17/06/2016 26 September 2016
Property and land division: One of the major challenges for Our Dream Village project - 03/06/2016 26 September 2016
Ladies at the Camp Hope went to handicraft exhibition 26 September 2016
Miss Nepal 2016, Asmi Shrestha, and other contestants of the beauty pageant visited Camp Hope - May 5 26 September 2016
Namlo Europa helps children to get ready to start school - 04/2016 26 September 2016
Dentist Without borders came to the Camp for free dental checkup for residents 13 June 2016
Camp Hope welcomes Mr. Hugo and Mr. Garcia 13 June 2016
A beautiful weekend for the class topper children of Camp Hope 13 June 2016
Mr. Felix representing the Rotary Club Borken visit to Sindhupalchowk with Mrs. Sangita and Francisca to discuss with villagers about building school in the village 12 May 2016
The Camp Hope children’s career orientation visit in different organization for career counseling during their school holidays before the next session starts 12 May 2016
Chinese Dinner Birthday Celebrations at the Camp Hope on the occasion of birthdays of Mrs. Sangita and Mr. Rene Vijay 12 May 2016
Books distribution before the new session starts 08 May 2016
Fruit day organised by Shanti Sewa Griha at the Camp Hope 08 May 2016
Titanic books gifted by Mr. Jeff Greenwald 08 May 2016
Ice-Cream day at the Camp Hope sponsored by the staffs of the Dwarika’s Hotel 08 May 2016
Sangita’s 60th Birthday celebration with the Camp Hope family at the Dwarika’s Hotel 08 May 2016
Sudden Storm hit the Kathmandu and Camp Hope 08 May 2016
Computer Classes for the Camp Hope children 21 March 2016
Mrs. Marianne Grosspietsch of the Shanti Sewa Griha at the Camp Hope 21 March 2016
Well Spent Friday afternoon in the Lonh Hiti of the Dwarika’s Hotel 21 March 2016
Skillful Hands of the Camp Hope ladies 21 March 2016
Camp Hope Kids Performance during Wedding Party 21 March 2016
Bud of Happiness blooms in the Camp Hope 29 February 2016
Celebrating Losar in the Camp Hope 29 February 2016
Photography class for the children 29 February 2016
Noteworthy Children of Camp Hope 29 February 2016
Blanket Distribution in Camp Hope 29 February 2016
Solar Panels donated by Mr. Heiko Grosspietsch 29 February 2016
Maghe Sankranti 21 January 2016
Movie Time 21 January 2016
Fun at Chapagau 21 January 2016
Futsal fever 21 January 2016
The Garden of Dreams and The Kaiser Café 21 January 2016
Clowns without Borders 21 January 2016
New Year's Eve 21 January 2016
X-mas at the Mendes Foundation: 21 January 2016
A Season of Blessings: 21 January 2016
David Beckham comes to Dwarika's 16 December 2015
Site Visit to Tatopani VDC, Sindhupalchowk 16 December 2015
Duvet Distribution 16 December 2015
Stoffel Foundation brings a smile to Camp Hope 16 December 2015
Deusi Bhailo Celebrations 16 December 2015
Dhanyabaad! Mr.& Mrs. Mette for the warm gesture- our children can cheerily wish chilly winters-good bye... 09 November 2015
Usual camp activity came to a perfect standstill as Dashain fever took over... 08 November 2015
A picture is worth a thousand words: 19 October 2015
Haritalika Teej : 28 September 2015
Teeja Ko Lahara Ayo Bari Lai ---- The joy of Teej is in the Air! 27 September 2015
"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children.” Nelson Mandela. 27 September 2015
An abundance of care, love, laughter and sunshine at Camp Hope: 18 September 2015
Saturday, 12th September 15 September 2015