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Friday, 15th May and Saturday, 16th May

In the morning, we received a phone call saying there were about 50 people displaced people who were just helipcopter evacuated from the Sindhupalchowk District. Since relief efforts are slow to reach their villages, many people who have families or friends living in Kathmandu are travelling to the capital in the hopes of better support. As such, they were staying in a nearby simple, temporary shelter. By the time we arrived, the number had climbed to about 80 people. Immediately, we began looking for land to build a camp for the displaced villagers and by the next day that number had grown to 150.  Thankfully, a football club offered their soccer field and by the next morning, we were working with the local authorities to quickly resettle the families into a semi-permanent camp.

On Sunday, we sent our engineering team and started to setup camp on the soccer field in Boudha, Kathmandu. The camp currently houses 260 people, but is growing. Our team has worked very hard to deliver 2000 litres of clean water, water filters, electricity for charging mobile phones and lights in the public areas. We are fortunate that the people of Oman donated 18 large tents. BPW arranged for games to entertain the children and take their minds away from all the devastation.  The incredible duo from Portugal, Mr. Pedro Queiros and Mr. Lourenco Frguiredo, provided food items for all the residents of the camp.

Today, we set up a medical tent  for camp members. What luck, medical personnel from US-based International Medical Relief visited the camp again to perform health check-ups on each person in the camp.