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1st May visit to Sindhupalchowk

On 1st of May, a team of beautiful hearts headed to the Duguna Village, Sindhupalchowk district where Sangita from the Dwarika’s Foundation with Francisca from Obrigado Portugal , Mr. Forest:a friend and supporter of the Camp Hope, Luis and Aurora from Smile for the world and Mr. Heiko from Shanti Sewa Griha.

 During the last visit, Bridge was half way in rebuilding however this time 4 wheeler vehicle easily crossed the Bhotekoshi river by the mode of the only bridge that can access to the village. This time rebuild road took half of the team to the Yarmasing village. The team also monitored the lines put in different places by the geologists of engineers without borders to observe the movement of the land.

Thanks’ to Luis and Aurora from Smiles for the world who distributed school supplies in Duguna, the only school in the locality of the villages of OUR DREAM VILLAGE project.

The foundation is extremely beholden to Mr. Forest for his generosity as always for bringing lots of clothing and linens for our people from the United States of America. Without the support of all our partners, we would not be able to make it this far and we hope for good support to make the project “Our Dream Village” come true.

Ladies at the village ready to welcome to the team from Kathmandu with traditional Khada

Children gathered to collect their school supplies

Temporary village which is imagined to get replaced by the project “Our Dream Village” in near future



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Roads access opens to the villages across the Bhotekoshi River, Sindhupalchowk

Finally the access bridge to Duguna and other villages is made and the road access is opened to the villages up to Yarmasing by the effort of the Duguna Gadi Village Development Committee with the help of their municipality and partners Dwarika’s Foundation and Obrigado Portugal. The bridge is accessible to the villages and the reconstructed roads connect to all the villages.

With the opening of the roadway to the villages, the Project “Our Dream Village” starts now with new hopes and dreams to build 222 houses in 14 villages which will give shelter to approximately 1200 people who are at the moment resettled in the Camp Hope and the villages in temporary houses.

Today, there is hope in the eyes of the Camp Hope residents and other villagers who lost so much, despite of everything what had happened to their houses and land they have started all over again and very much waiting to begin to rebuild their villages and houses.

Birdseye view of the repaired bridge and reconstructed road access

Roadways been constructed up to the Yarmasing village

Difficult roadways above the hills

Team from Kathmandu reached the Duguna Gadi Village by roadway: The Project is started now with the opening of the road to the villages 

Roadways above the hills