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Building Camp Hope Hostel - 16/03/2017

In few days our big camp hope will be dismantled. Adults will go to their villages for their faming and other purposes. But, children cannot move there as there is no schools. One of the main reason Camp hope hostel is built because of giving continuity to these kids study. Construction of camp hope hostel was a collective task from camp hope members and the Dwarika’s maintenance team. Camp hope hostel was designed to be made from bamboos and woods. Painted in blue, yellow and white, the hostel looks very appealing.

The kids themselves selected their favorite color for the hostel. The hostel consists of 10 rooms with kitchen, dining area and study area. The rooftop of the hostel is made in early Nepalese pagoda style. 

This new journey of camp hope children in this hostel will surely make some lovely memories to cherish.

                                Hostel premises being cleaned up before construction

                                              Making of Camp Hope Hostel floor.

                      New home for our camp children, Camp Hope Hostel making in process.

                       Members working together building the top.

                                 Painting the walls.

                               Beautiful design of bamboos.

                                                       Almost finished !

                               Camp Hope Hostel,New home for Camp Hope children.


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President's Club Group Visits Camp Hope Hostel and Samata School: 16/03/2017

President Club group from different part of the world visited Camp hope hostel and Samata school where our Camp Hope kids study. These group have previously supported these children by giving quilts, bed sheets, covers, pillows for the Camp Hope Hostel. This time they came physically to visit these lovely children. They went to visit children from Dwarika’s on local vehicle ‘Tempo’. After reaching to Samata school, they all distributed foods to each child. Then they visited to camp hope hostel where camp children performed beautiful singing and dancing programs. Each person stepped up and enjoyed dancing with the children. They also distributed various gifts to the children.

Every person was astounded with the children’s performances and loved their presence at Camp hope hostel. 

            Guest taking her ride to Camp Hope from Dwarika’s.             

                 The guest, distributing foods to children in their classes.

               Children of Camp Hope hostel singing welcome song for the group.

                          Camp Hope guys showing their dancing talent.

                  Tashi, Suhana and Lakpa performing dance for the guests.

                                        Gifts for the childrens.