April 14, 2018

Houses design, inquiry and files

The main purpose of our last visit to the Duguna Gadi Villages was to gather as much information possible on the house design for each family integrated in the project. The position of every house with excavation was recorded, and with the help of two translators (Prashant and Om from Hope Camp), we interviewed the families of these same houses. Tests of the façades and the interior organization were made previously and then shown to the families, so that they chose accordingly to their own tastes. The architect helped guiding these preferences, in order to achieve the best and most realistic house design.

A map was also made with a scheme of the location of every house with the excavation complete, so that the monitoring process gets easier and also to make sure of the constrains each house has.

Population participation and empowerment through architecture and construction!

We cannot wait for the result of this pioneering project to be shown!