September 30, 2019

Pancha Kosha Himalaya Spa at the Dwarika’s

Pancha Kosha Himalaya Spa at the Dwarika’s

The Pancha Kosha Himalayan Spa at the Dwarika’s offers a range of treatments, drawing from the ancient wisdom of the Vedas, Buddhist medicine and the rare medicinal herbs of the Himalayas. Addressing each Kosha, each therapy and massage has been designed to relax the senses and revive the body.
The spa offers an experience inspired by the ancient traditions of care and respect that has developed in the Himalayan region over several millennia. The name of the spa is derived from the wisdom of the Vedas that claims that our Atman or soul is made up of five layers of being – the physical, the intellectual, emotional and the essence of the absolute. Combined, they offer an authentic experience of life. Thus, any treatment at the Pancha Kosha Spa is a journey into the self.
The Pancha Kosha Himalayan Spa offers a range of indigenous spa treatments. These treatment doesn’t just aim to address the physical wellness of the guests, it also addresses their spiritual wellness. These indigenous spa treatments are as follows:


Pancha Kosha Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapy*:
Experience the healing properties of the singing bowl, an ancient practice unique to the Himalayan region. Singing bowl therapy is believed to be able to remove negative energies, greatly reduce stress and bring our internal organs into proper harmony. This therapy is also effective in activating and balancing the chakras, which, according to Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, are the energy centers of the body. Magnetic resonance imaging (commonly known in modern science as MRI) shows that the organs of the human body each vibrate at specific frequencies when healthy, and disturbed frequencies when sick. The singing bowl is renowned to have the ability to bring these frequencies into balance and thus to restore health. Today singing bowls are used worldwide by health and wellbeing professionals including oncologists, psychotherapists, massage therapists and others. It is used to aid meditation and also for music, both within and outside of spiritual and religious practices.
Duration: 60 minutes.

Pancha Kosha Signature Facial:

Based on an exclusive combination of natural plant extracts and herbal ingredients from the Himalayan region, this signature facial cleans, exfoliates and uncovers the natural glow of the skin.
Duration: 90 minutes

Pancha Kosha Newari Massage Therapy:

Using age-old Newari techniques, this special signature massage is based on traditional strokes and some movements, with firm pressure and particular emphasis on muscles, bones and joints to relax and revitalize. Using sesame or mustard oil infused traditional herbs such as ajwain seed; fenugreek and camphor are chosen to target each part of the body. This rejuvenating therapy includes an ear massage that helps to restore balance and clear blockages. This special treatment mainly helps to relax the body, increase the suppleness of the joints, and to soften and moisturize the skin.
Duration: 75 minutes



Glowing Herbal Powder Therapy*
Inspired by the rich Newari traditions, this unique Himalayan herbal powder therapy is a treatment to savor. Inspired by the skin treatment traditionally given to Newari girls during their Gufa (Coming of Age) ritual, this therapy begins with a gentle whole-body massage using oil infused with indigenous herbs. Next, a powder made from rejuvenating Himalayan herbs is sprinkled over the body, which is followed by a mild pressure massage that aids lymphatic drainage. An invigorating steam bath after the massage helps to relax and rejuvenate the body and mind. Following this our herbal face pack brings charm and glow on your face. Conclude your Kwon Jyajo (Glowing Herbal Powder Therapy*) by the application of herbal body lotion with a gentle massage. Indulge in Pancha Kosha’s Signature Therapy, Kwon Jyajo, as it relaxes, cleanses and revitalizes your body, skin and mind, leaving you glowing from inside out.
The treatment includes:
 Whole-body massage with the herbal body scrub
 Steam bath
 Dry/lotion massage
 Himalayan herbal facial
Duration: 3 hours


Revitalize your ‘prana’ (life-force) entering the body through the breath taken from the nose by cleansing the nasal passage. Nasya therapy helps to correct the disorders of ‘prana’, which can affect the higher cerebral, sensory and motor functions. Gentle massaging of the ‘marma’ (vital energy points) around sinus areas removes the toxins through the nasal passage. This is especially beneficial for anyone suffering from regular headaches, sinus problems or common cold.
Duration: 45 minutes

A time-honoured intensive treatment highly recommended for relieving the fatigue of the upper or lower back. Kati-Vasti involves the application of dough rings made from gram flour onto the spot of pain or discomfort. Warm oil is poured into the rings, allowing it to permeate the trouble-spot. The deep fomentation of the oil radiates through the muscles, releasing tension and stiffness. This treatment alleviates low backache and spinal disorders. It helps to increase blood circulation, strengthen the muscles and connective tissues, and lubricates the joints to keep them flexible and pain-free.
Duration: 60 minutes

A similar process to Kati-Vasti, but focused on the knees. Janu-Vasti treatment strengthens the muscles and connective tissues linked to the knees and can reduce knee pain. Useful for anyone suffering knee sprain, arthritis or degenerative diseases of the knee.
Duration: 60 minutes

A similar process to Kati-Vasti, but focused on the cervical (neck) region. It is beneficial for anyone facing conditions related to cervical spondylosis, tension neck syndrome and neck pain.
Duration: 60 minutes

During this luxurious facial treatment, a customized herbal paste is massaged onto the face. This personalized face-pack contains different rejuvenating herbs that exfoliate and nourish the skin, leaving it soft and clear. The effect of oil massage relaxes the body and mind, and improves the elasticity of the skin. The treatment also tones the skin and helps to avoid pigmentation and discolouration. Can be helpful in treating sunburn-related conditions.
Duration: 60 minutes