Dwarika’s Hotel’s elegant courtyards, buildings, and rooms aim to revive the stunning Newari architecture, capturing the beauty and spirit of ancient Kathmandu. The unique craftsmanship, heavily invested in the local art and culture, is conserved with a notion of utmost care. Dwarika’s antique wooden masterpieces date as far back as the 13th century, creating a certain indefinable aura that enfolds the hotel. Artifacts of Newari wood carvings depicting Hindu and Buddhist deities and mystical creatures attest to the architecture’s deep involvement in the Kathmandu valley’s cultural landscape.


Our commitment to heritage conservation dates back to 1950, when the founder of the hotel, Mr. Dwarika Das Shrestha, witnessed carpenters sawing off the intricately carved portions of an old wooden pillar for firewood. What began as an impulsive action grew into a passion, and soon Dwarika Das Shrestha’s commitment to saving, documenting and restoring artefacts took on a life of its own. The rescued carved wooden pieces were employed to construct a building in a traditional Newari style. He envisioned that his new building, which would operate as a guest house, would allow more people to appreciate Nepal’s architectural and cultural legacy, giving the restored treasures a new lifespan. The vision behind the Dwarika’s Hotel as a living tribute to heritage of the Kathmandu Valley was thus born.