June 19, 2020

  • The resort to run with the maximum occupancy of 50% until 31st December, 2020, ensuring thorough implementation of our Covid-19 Response Measures.
  • To ensure contactless check-in all the guests are required to send us the duly completed Pre-arrival Check-in Form and Self Declaration Form, within 1 week prior to arrival, via email. Both the Pre-arrival Check-in Form and Self Declaration Form will be shared with the guests along with their booking confirmation. These forms will have to be completed on an individual basis by each guest.
  • All guest rooms are accessible without entering the resort reception area.
  • Guests will be regularly updated on the best practices, safety protocols and Government guidelines for safety measures during their stay with us.
  • Social distancing practice to be strictly followed within the resort premises among guests, between guests and staffs, and among staffs.
  • All staffs are regularly briefed and trained on COVID-19 safety and facility sanitation protocols, as per the recommendations of Centre for Disease Control (CDC), as a part of our COVID-19 Response Measures. Internal SOPs have been updated according to the points listed in this document.
  • Ready to use alcohol-based sanitizer solutions are available in high traffic area and throughout the hotel premises for employees and guest usage.
  • Signage promoting hand washing technique, respiratory hygiene practices and social distancing protocols to be displayed through the resort premises, in both English and Nepali languages.
Reception & Guest Service desk:
  • Hand sanitizer dispenser and masks will be available at any time.
  • Employees shall wipe desks, table, telephone, and keyboards with sanitizer frequently throughout the day.
  • All bills will be sent to guest email address (as mentioned in the Pre-arrival Check-in Form), a day prior to guest departure. Our cashier will be available for any guest queries over the In-Room telephone.
  • Bill settlement will be done through the guest’s credit card. The card will be properly disinfected before returning it to the guest, after the settlement of the bill.
  • Team members to sanitize their hands after cleaning any surface and after servicing each room. Disposable gloves to be changed after servicing each guest room.
  • Hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and masks have been added to the room amenities in all the rooms.
  • Guest Service Directory, in-room dining menu along with other stationery materials placed in the rooms are disinfected before every guest arrival and after every guest departure.
  • Turndown services to be extended only on guest request.
  • Guest’s Covid-19 Sanitization guidelines will be placed in all rooms.
  • All the upholstery in each room is replaced after every guest departure. Only fresh and sanitized upholstery are placed in each room before every guest arrival.
  •  None of our rooms have wall to wall carpeting and the floors (terracotta or wooden floors) of every room are disinfectant after every guest departure.
  •  Shoe disinfectant mat are placed outside each guest room.
  • Only bottled beverages will be available in the room mini bar which in regularly sanitized. Chocolate, nuts etc. can be delivered to the room upon guest request.
  • All our guest rooms are equipped with individual air conditioning split units ensuring clean and safe air circulation in each room.
  • All the engineering areas and utilities are disinfected on a weekly basis.
  • Air supply in every room has been increased to maximum, through the use of natural and exhausts facilities.
  • All water supply systems are dozed daily with disinfectants with the frequency of testing increased to every 4 hours.
  • Air conditioning and filter sanitization is done after each guest departure.
  • Water dispensers and faucets are disinfected on a daily basis.
  • All the rooms will be left unused for 24 hours after every check out.
  • Frequency of cleaning common high traffic areas and high-touch surfaces has been increased.
  • Upgraded cleaning and sanitization SOPs abiding by CDC guidelines has been put into practice.
  • Air-conditioning vents are sanitized after every guest departure.
  • All housekeeping team member will wear gloves and masks at all time during servicing.
  • All the upholstery in each room will be replaced with fresh upholstery after every guest departure.
  • Curtains and throw carpets sanitized after every guest check out.
Public Areas:
  • The frequency of sanitizing high-touch areas and high-traffic areas has been increased.
  • Sanitization dispensers will be placed in various locations within the property.
  • Disinfectant solutions will be used to clean the public areas.
  • Social distancing signage will be displayed in various locations within the property.
Golf Carts:
  • Sanitization of seats and handrails are thoroughly done before and after every guest usage.
  • Golf cart will only be shared among the guests from the same party, who are travelling together.
  •  The resort has an in-house doctor.
  • Clear guidelines will be made available to handle the suspected COVID – 19 cases.
Newspapers & Stationeries:
  • All newspaper and magazines has been discontinued.  
Gym & Yoga
  • Gym will be opened from 6am to 2 pm only.
  • Physical distance of 6 feet between gym equipment will be maintained.
  • Not more than 3 people will be allowed to use the gym at any time.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be made available in the gym room.
  • Equipment will be cleaned and sanitized after use by each guest with emphasis given to frequently touched surfaces.
  • Upgraded cleaning and sanitization SOPs abiding by CDC guidelines has been put into practice.
  • Disposable gloves to be available for guests in gyms.
Swimming Pool/ Hot Tub:
  • Hot Tub will be discontinued for time being
  • Strict chemical dosage protocols will be followed in the pool.
  • Chlorine level will be checked on 4 hourly basis.
  • Deck beds and day beds will have 6 feet of separation.
  • Limited spa treatment menu to be available, until further notice.
  • Daily health checkups to be conducted for all the spa therapists.
  • The individual steam boxes will be thoroughly sanitized for each use.
  • Spa rooms and spa equipment are thoroughly sanitized and disinfected after every use.
  • All spa therapists will wear masks at all time during treatments.
In-house activities:

At any given time only restrictive number of people to be allowed in the in-house activities areas to maintain social distancing protocols. These areas are:

  • Himalayan Salt Room
  • Himalayan Crystal Room
  • Chakra Sound Chambers
  • Meditation Cave
  • The kitchen team will complete mandatory health checkups by in-house doctor, regularly.
  • All team members will disinfectant their hands every time they enter the kitchen area.
  • Kitchen area will be thoroughly cleaned & sanitized after every major meal hour.
  • Kitchen equipment will be cleaned and disinfected after every major meal hour.
  • All the chefs and stewards to wash & sanitize their hands after each activity.
  • All the chefs and their kitchen team to be wear masks while cooking, at all time.
  • Use of gloves & mask are compulsory while cleaning the kitchen area.
  • Received food products are thoroughly sanitized before storing them in kitchen pantries.
  • Entry to kitchen will be restricted only to authorized personnel.
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of contact surface, high touch points, drainage & counter tops.  
  • Dish washing SOP’s wash temperatures, detergent usage, machine handling upgraded to meet new COVID-19 hygiene standards.
  • Operating equipment (cutlery, glasses, plates etc.) follow strict cleanliness & sanitization protocols.
Restaurants / Bar:
  • Restaurant / bar cleaning and sanitization are done before opening and between each meal period.
  • Restaurant/ bar new lay out ensures a minimum of 6 feet distance between each table.
  • On arrival host/ hostess will offer hand sanitizer before escorting guest to table.
  • All buffets to be discontinued until further notice. Single serve options are available.
  • Menu tabs & bill folders will be sanitized before and after all guest usage.
  • Each table (table and chairs) to be sanitized and fresh table setup (cutlery, place mats etc.) will be placed only after the guest is seated.
  • Cloth napkins to be replaced with paper napkins.
  • Chair covers will be used and replaced after each guest usage.
  • Only cloth place mats will be used.
  • Staffs will be wearing masks and gloves at all time while servicing.
  • Room service will be done maintaining the social distancing protocols ensuring fresh and clean services.
Social distancing to be practiced between staffs at all times.
Staff Entrance:
  • Temperature checks will be taken for every staff upon arrival and turn away protocol to be implemented, in case of requirement.
  • Bags and helmets to be sanitized at the staff entrance before entering hotel premises.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers to be used before entering the hotel premises.
  • Temperature scanner, sanitizer and disinfection spray to be kept at all the entrances at all times.
  • Shoe disinfectant to be place in each entrance.
  • Dedicated cleaning/sanitizing team to be designated for the locker areas.
  • Wash basin, WC and shower to be disinfected and dry steamed for sanitation.
  • Hand sanitizers dispenser placed in locker areas for use.
  • Cleaning & sanitization are done in cafeteria after every major meal.
  • Meal timings per department to be made so social distancing can be practiced during meals.
  • Floor and surface thoroughly sanitized with disinfectant after every meal period.
  • Hand sanitizer dispenser placed in cafeteria.
  • All floors, machines, trolleys, baskets etc. to be sanitized before opening and closing of laundry.
  • All team members to wear protective gear and follow hand wash and sanitization practice on an hourly basis.
  • Team member to wear protective gear while collecting soil linen from guest floors.
  • Wash temperature for white linen to be 80° to 90° Celsius (15 minutes) and colored fabric to be washed at 45° to 50° Celsius (15 minutes).
  • Temperature for dryer to be 80° Celsius and ironing will be done at 130° to 140° Celsius and flat work ironer at 160° Celsius.
  • Pantries to be sanitized with disinfectant and scrubbed thoroughly after every shift.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers to be placed in each pantry.
  • Soiled linen will be kept in secure containers.
  • All equipment and cleaning caddies to be cleaned & disinfected after every shift.
Staff corridor:
  • Cleaning & sanitization of all staff corridors before and after each shift.
  • Touch buttons and door handles to be sanitized frequently.
  • Employees shall wipe desks, table, telephone, and keyboards frequently with sanitizer.
  • Office space will be rearranged so that social distancing can be maintained where possible.
In-house Doctor:
  • Random mandatory staff checkups to be implemented and records will be maintained.
  • Doctor will visit hotel 3 times per week.
  • The goods receiving area will be sanitize before opening and after closing.
  • Only authorized vendor in protective gear allowed into premises.
  • Goods inspectors will wear protective gears.
  • Goods will be sanitized & disinfected at receiving area before entering the stores.
  • External crates / bags / containers are not allowed beyond receiving area.
  • Items which cannot be washed and sanitized (non–perishable) like rice, pulses, masala, etc. are kept in separate designated storage for minimum 72 hours, in their original packs before issuing and moving to the main store.
  • Stores are sanitized daily.
  • Strict collection schedules to be followed by every department so that social distance between staff can be maintained.
  • Collection of goods limited to 2 people at a time.
Wet and dry Garbage storage:
  • Garbage bags to be sealed and taken by garbage collector wearing protective gear.
  • Staff bringing the garbage bags to the garbage storage will wear protective gear.

All staffs will follow CDC guidance regarding hand washing. Staffs shall wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, or use sanitizer when a sink is not available, after any of the following activities:

  • Using the restroom
  • Sneezing
  • Touching their face
  • Cleaning
  • Smoking
  • Eating and drinking
  • Accepting items from a guest (ID, cash, credit card, key card)
  • Taking a break
  • Before a shift and as needed throughout the shift.

When possible, employees shall wear gloves for added protection and sanitation efforts. Proper hand hygiene, in accordance with CDC guidelines, should be followed prior to and after removing the gloves.