1 Camp Hope


Saturday 25th April – Thursday 30th April


The earthquake took place at 12pm on Saturday afternoon. Dwarika’s had many guests staying with us and everyone pitched in to make sure all guests were safe and sound. Unfortunately, the airport shut down trying to manage incoming aid and supplies via helicopters and military planes. As such, the hotel became a safe haven not only for our guests, but for our staff as well. First and foremost, our priority was the safety of our guests. Although the electricity was not working, and guests chose not to stay in their rooms, we turned the courtyard into a sleeping area for everyone. Guests felt comfortable knowing they had a comfortable place to sleep, eat, and we set up generator operated charging stations so everyone could charge their phones and contact their loved ones back home.

Each embassy was working to get their nationals out of the country. In the meantime, we took care of guests from countries including Portugal, Spain, France, Venezuela, Italy, Germany, USA and Australia. Our team was busy with taking care of the guests, assisting them with travel arrangements, and coordinating with embassies and consulates. In the end, we managed to get everyone out within one week.

Friday, 1st May

After the last guest left the hotel, we could now begin our relief efforts to the Nepalese people on the outskirts of the Kathmandu Valley. We sent out staff to purchase the following items, divided them up per household and arranged to have them delivered to Nuwakot District, in collaboration with Business and Professional Women (BPW), Mr. Pedro Queiros and Mr. Lourenco Frguiredo, we handed out the following items:

• 40 packets of biscuits
• 40 packets of noodles
• 2 kgs glucose powde
• 4 kgs salt, 2 kg sugar
• 8 kgs beaten rice and
• Dalmot (lentil snack.)

Saturday, 2nd May

The amount of support we are getting from our local community is overwhelming. The Nepalese are reaching out and supporting their communities by offering meals, or buying supplies for different villages. We received a donation from Mr. Jabir Kasubhai and Mrs. Sofi Kasubhai which went towards the food that was provided to 300 families in Tinghare village, Kavre District: 900kg of rice, 60kgs of lentils, 144 pieces of soap, 50kgs of salt, 60 litres of cooking oil and 500 pieces of candies.

We were also able to provide food for the settlements of both Chilaune and Mul Kharka, Kathmandu: beaten rice-275kg and noodles-4500 packets. The beaten rice is easy to handout because it does not need to be cooked, as many households are still without stoves.

The last distribution today was food, sleeping mats and soap to 75 families in Patalekhet, Phulbari and Dapchha, Kavre District: rice-750kg, daal (lentils)-90kg, salt-75kg, biscuits-450 packets, bananas-435 pieces, sleeping mats-75 pieces and soap-100 pieces.


Sunday 3rd May

Today we concentrated on relief for a few different villages around the valley.  With the help of our staff, it’s easy to coordinate all the relief supplies. We delivered the following disaster relief kits to the following villages:

Naradevi, Kathmandu: water-300 litres.

Ward 8, Nagarjun Nagarpalika, Kathmandu: Rice-1150kg, Dal-115kg, Salt-115kg, cooking oil-115 litres, Biscuits-575 packets, Soap-100 pieces.

Wards 2, 3 and 8, Kadambas, Sindhupalchowk District: Rice-3600kg, Dal-300kg, cooking oil 150kg, Salt 150kg, Soap 144 pieces.



Monday, 4th May

It’s incredible to see the Nepalese coming together to help each other. Not only are our staff and extended families are working so hard, but you see other Nepalese getting involved with many different relief efforts, wanting to help their fellow Nepalese who have suffered greatly in the earthquake. Today we were able to deliver relief to the following villages:

Kavre Bhadada (Ward 1), Sim Pokhari (Ward 8), Kavre District: Rice-4350kg, Lentil-500kg, Salt 145kg, cooking oil-145 litres, Soap-145 pieces

Kusha Debi VDC, Thede village, Sintang Dada and Dalit Basti, Kavre District, along with BPW: Rice-1550kg, Lentil-155kg, Salt-155kg, Biscuits-755 packets, Soap-155 pieces, Oral rehydration sachets-155 packets, Sanitary Napkins-155 pieces.



Tuesday, 10th May

Our days start with packing of numerous basic food items for distribution. Everyone works together in the carpark of the hotel dividing all the food and necessities so all the families get equal distribution. Today we helped the following:

75 families in Darimbot and Chhoti Dada, Kavre (Ward 5), Kavre District: Rice-2250kg, Lentils- 75kg, Salt-75kg, cooking oil-75 litres, Soap-75 pieces.

130 families in Ichangu, Ratomato and Jungekhola villages, Nagarjun (Ward 2), Kathmandu, along with BPW, Mr. Pedro Queiros and Mr. Lourenco Frguiredo: rice 1300kg, daal 130kg, salt 130kg, biscuits 650 packets, soap 130 pieces, oral rehydration 130 sachets, sanitary napkins 130 pieces

45 families in Thaple Danda and Virkot, Bhim Dhunga (Ward 10), Kathmandu, along with BPW: rice 450kg, dal 45kg, salt 45kg, biscuits 225 packets, soap 45 pieces, oral rehydration 45 sachets, sanitary napkins 45 pieces

105 families at Ghempe Danda and Bista Gaun, Chapagaun (Ward 8), Lalitpur, alongside BPW: Rice-1050kg, Lentil-105kg, Salt-105kg, Biscuits-525 packets, Soap-105 pieces, Oral rehydration-105 sachets, Sanitary napkins-105 pieces.



Wednesday, 6th May

Today is another day of basic food distribution. It’s so important to help out the people in the areas that have been affected, because we don’t know if they have any access to food. We distributed the following necessities to 200 families in Dhade Gaun, Nagarkot, Kavre District: Rice-3000kg, Lentil-200kg, Salt-200kg, Biscuits-1000 packets, Soap-200 pieces, Oral rehydration-200 sachets, Sanitary napkins-200 pieces.


Thursday, 7th May

This morning, our staff prepared the following items for food distribution in Wards 1-9, Sikre VDC, Nuwakot District: Rice-6915kg, Lentil-461kg, salt 461kg, Biscuits-2305 packets, Soap-461 pieces, Oral rehydration-461 sachets, Sanitary napkins-461 pieces.



Sunday, 10th May

Today is another busy day of food distribution to one of the areas that lost their homes. The following items were distributed to 210 families in Koshipari (Wards 4, 5 and 6), Saping VDC: Rice-2100kg, Lentils-210kg, Salt-210kg, Biscuits-1050 packets, Soap-210 pieces, Oral rehydration-210 sachets, Sanitary napkins-210 pieces and 70 tents.



Tuesday, 12th May

Today Nepal was rocked by a second earthquake of 7.3 magnitude near Mount Everest, causing more casualties and devastation throughout the region. This earthquake caused numerous landslides around Langtang Valley and we are waiting for the most updated news regarding this area. Please pray for us.



Friday , 15th May

Today was a busy day…..one team was packing up necessities and delivering much needed household items to the communities of Gaukharka (Wards 1-9), Nuwakot District: rice 8200kg, daal (lentils) 820kg, salt 820kg, biscuits 6560 packets, soap 820 pieces, oral rehydration 820 sachets, sanitary napkins 820 pieces.

Another team visited a shelter for the elderly at Pashupatinath, close to the hotel. Sadly, many of these older people are not looked after by their own families, which is how they end up here. It is a small community of senior citizens who look after each other and rely on the help of others. Here, food items including glucose powder and bananas were distributed.

During the earthquake, a few villagers broke their legs, sprained ankles, got serious cuts and bruises. We are so fortunate that a group of trained medical personnel arrived to check on them.



Friday, 15th May and Saturday, 16th May


In the morning, we received a phone call saying there were about 50 displaced people, who were just evacuated from the Sindhupalchowk District. Since relief efforts are slow to reach their villages, many people who have families or friends living in Kathmandu that are travelling to the capital in the hopes of better support. As such, they were staying in a nearby simple, temporary shelter. By the time we arrived, the number had climbed to about 80 people. Immediately, we began looking for land to build a camp for the displaced villagers and by the next day that number had grown to 150.  Thankfully, a football club offered their soccer field and by the next morning, we were working with the local authorities to quickly resettle the families into a semi-permanent camp.

On Sunday, we sent our engineering team and started to set camp on the soccer field in Boudha, Kathmandu. The camp currently houses 260 people, but is growing. Our team has worked very hard to deliver 2000 litres of clean water, water filters, electricity for charging mobile phones and lights in the public areas. We are fortunate that the people of Oman donated 18 large tents. BPW arranged for games to entertain the children and take their minds away from all the devastation.  The incredible duo from Portugal, Mr. Pedro Queiros and Mr. Lourenco Frguiredo, provided food items for all the residents of the camp.

Today, we set up a medical tent for camp members. What luck! medical personnel from US-based International Medical Relief visited the camp again to perform health check-ups for each person in the camp.



Sunday, 17th May to Thursday, 21st May


This week, we have been working very hard to ensure that the camp is comfortable, safe and hygienic, as well all of the medical needs of the camp members are taken care of. Working with generous partners, including the team from Portugal (which has now expanded to include more wonderful volunteers), we have made complete records for each adult and child at the camp. Camp Hope now has 330 residents and more to come with several pregnant women.

Lactating mothers have been given additional protein, vitamins and special food. We are working with a local partner to ensure that we provide nutritious food to everyone. Several motivated youth at the camp are working with us to coordinate camp logistics, and now everything is running smoothly. Following the trauma of the earthquake, it is important to focus on the children’s mental wellbeing in the coming days. So, we have kept the kids entertained with games and activities to keep their minds occupied.

Camp Hope is a response to the urgent and immediate needs of it’s’ residents. In the medium and long-term, it is important that the families are assisted to return to their villages and rebuild their lives. Several members of the community at the camp are taking leadership roles and we are assisting them to work with the government for allocation of new land and to build new homes. Unfortunately, due to threat of further landslides and sheer destruction of their farms, much of the land is not inhabitable. Therefore, we are waiting to have the land assessed, as well as access the government allowances due to the families.



Friday, 21st May to Monday 26th May


We setup an additional tent especially for six disabled people along with a separate kitchen specially designed to address their needs.

In order to help, we provided every camp members with their identification card so that everyone’s requirement is managed more efficiently and keeping record of everybody’s needs. The last few days have been extremely hot followed by thunderstorms and strong winds in the evening.  The residents at the camp are continuing to hold strong during these turbulent times.

As a result of the rain storms, we now see a need to raise the tents in order to keep them dry. This will be next on our agenda of camp improvements.



Saturday, 30th May

We started digging irrigation trenches around each tent and the entire camp in order to decrease the water flowing throughout the camp. Also, tarps are being added to the tops of the tents to ensure extra protection against the coming rain.

Since Saturday is our day of rest, we organized a talent show and concert for our children. We invited all our neighbors as a way of saying thank you to the locality for their support and allowing us to use their public space for Camp Hope.

Even in times like this, people can put a smile on their face.



Sunday 31st of May to Wednesday 3rd June

Throughout Nepal, all schools are resuming soon, so we have made sure that the children at Camp Hope do not miss out on academics. 76 of the children from the camp have been enrolled at the “Samata” school located just a few minutes away from the camp

This week, we have been working closely with Shanti Sewa Griha, an organization founded over 25 years ago to help those in need including those with leprosy within the valley.  We set-up a special tent for camp members (mostly women) who have tailoring skills. Depending on their skills, Shanti Sewa Griha has graciously provided various tailoring tools and machines to sew/tailor/spin fabrics, tissues or clothes.