Ho! ho! Ho! It’s Christmas: Camp Hope took on a global hue with the celebration of Christmas. For some campers celebrating Christmas was a brand new festival and decorating the ever green Christmas  tree  was even more thrilling and exciting. They celebrated Christmas with great enthusiasm, cheer and wonder, super excited to decorate their first evergreen Christmas tree with garlands and trimmings. 

A fun filled day of opening gift hampers  with  cool watches, toys and cross word puzzles. A huge thank you and hats off to Janna Bryann - for spreading the  bonds of  friendship and  the jolly Christmas spirit !

Children  concentrate on  colouring  the Christmas tree  trimmings 

A truly special  Christmas tree

Janna Bryann  distributing the Christmas  gifts for  one and all .  

Young campers  greet  Janna and Jasmine with traditional Khadas

Huge smiles and creative , thank you charts for the Christmas fun