Usual camp activity came to a perfect standstill as Dashain fever took over. The annual festival Dasain, where Nawa Durga Bhawani is venerated, tika and blessings from elders, received since time immemorial, was celebrated with great pomp, fun and merriment. Receiving Tika and blessings from Sangita Shrestha Einhaus, the passionate patron of the camp was the highlight of the event .

A joyous festivity; it was celebrated with immense fun and enthusiasm right from receiving blessings, gifts, cloth distribution, playing cards, eating succulent chicken curry and guzzling on free flowing gin, vodka and aila.

Vijaya Dashami which symbolizes victory of good over evil was an immense celebration of revelry - an opportunity for every soul  to come together celebrate and dance till late. 

Great big festive smiles of Dasain

A time for giving

Ama checks out the Dasain gifts

The oldest camp resident blesses Sangita Shrestha Einhaus

                                  A long awaited - Dasain Tika for all and sundry

Dasain tika looks picture perfect on Jared

The ace team - Girls team had it all

The winner takes it all Dasain cup foot ball fever