Miracles  keep  happening at the Camp Hope and  generous souls pour in to this remote little Camp of ram shackle camps and reach out to them. The spirit of giving, comes as a miraculous surprise we are convinced that there is a world of goodness  in the world at large. Sweaters, shoes, sneakers, chocolates, jackets, toys come pouring in. It’s a marvel to sit in the Dwarika's lobby and watch  friends well wishers  flock down to the camp lugging  duffel bags full of goodies for the residents. Dhanyabaad - Mr. & Mrs. Mette for the warm gesture- our children can cheerily wish chilly winters -good bye 

Laxman, Ram and Pema: Cuddly cute in new jackets

The warmest smile ever - Mrs. Mette shares some special moments with the children

Winter woes forgotten