A team of adventurous children went on a historical excursion to the Patan Durbar Square and the Kathmandu Durbar Square. The children were awed by the sight of the temple squares, palace courtyards, ancient palaces, temples and shrines and beautiful carvings- a day steeped in culture  and a learning experience for each of them on the traditional heritage of the country.

They skipped and hopped along thrilled and awed by the sights and sounds of a bustling Kathmandu city and the colorful lanes of Patan. 

The greatest treat after a long haul of  being confined to books and the camp  and  most of all they had never been out on an excursion of this scale. Hiking, site seeing, packed snacks and some delicious ice cream treats by Sean Navin Shrestha Einhaus, the team couldn’t have had a more interesting and spectacular moment. 

The must have group photo

Ice creamy intervals

Bless us all-a prayer to the Kumari

Fanta fabulous snack breaks

 Picture perfect poses