Surveyor Team Visits Sindupalchowk District: 1/5/2017

Published on Monday, 01 May 2017 08:15

A whole team of land surveyors, volunteers from Obrigado Portugal and Dwarika’s foundation staffs visited the Sindupalchowk district for pegging the land in order to start the Dream Village project. The surveyor had to only peg those lands which were safe to make homes as per the geological report.

Villagers were quite excited as their Dream Village project has started its work. Surveyors and the team will be staying for four to five days until all the safe land is pegged for building homes.

                         Villagers helping the Surveyors finding the land.

                       Survey team measuring land for plotting at Sindhupalchowk site

                                    Surveyor team with their equipment.

                                                Pegging of land.