September 14, 2021

Covid-19 Measures, Dwarika’s Resort

Madelyn Siphron

General Information:

The resort to run with the maximum occupancy of 50% until 31st December, 2020, ensuring thorough implementation of our Covid-19 Response Measures.

  • To ensure contactless check-in all the guests are required to send us the duly completed Pre-arrival Check-in Form and Self Declaration Form, within 1 week prior to arrival, via email. Both the Prearrival Check-in Form and Self Declaration Form will be shared with the guests along with their booking confirmation. These forms will have to be completed on an individual basis by each guest.
  • All guest rooms are accessible without entering the resort reception area.
  • Guests will be regularly updated on the best practices, safety protocols and Government guidelines for safety measures during their stay with us.
  • Social distancing practice to be strictly followed within the resort premises among guests, between guests and staffs, and among staffs.
  • All staffs are regularly briefed and trained on COVID-19 safety and facility sanitation protocols, as per the recommendations of Centre for Disease Control (CDC), as a part of our COVID-19 Response Measures. Internal SOPs have been updated according to the points listed in this document.
  • Ready to use alcohol-based sanitizer solutions are available in high traffic area and throughout the hotel premises for employees and guest usage.
  • Signage promoting hand washing technique, respiratory hygiene practices and social distancing protocols to be displayed through the resort premises, in both English and Nepali languages.
Guest Services:

It is mandatory for all staff members in Guest Services team to wear masks and gloves at all time. Transfer Services:

  • Guests to be greeted with Namaste, maintaining a safe distance, with no physical contact.
  • The transfer vehicles are sanitized before and after every journey.
  • Chauffeur to wear a face mask and disposable gloves. Gloves to be changed after every trip.
  • Upon receiving the guest/s at a pick-up point, masks and sanitizers will be made available before every journey.
  • Guest luggage and handbags will always be sprayed with disinfectant before placing it in the vehicle.
  • All hotel vehicles to be installed with a safety screen separating the chauffeur and the guest/s.
  • All newspaper and magazines has been discontinued.