The Pancha Kosha Himalayan Spa draws on ayurveda, Buddhist medicine and traditional rituals and treatments. The Spa takes its name from the five layers of being found in Himalayan philosophies.

Under the guidance of our ayurvedic doctors and naturopathy expert, meditation, yoga and astrology masters, Hindu priest and visiting monk, embark on a journey of traditional wellbeing. Options range from classic Ayurvedic massages to the signature Pancha Kosha Newari Treatment, which uses local herbs and different massage techniques to realign the body. A blend of Buddhist and Vedic medicine focuses on complete wellbeing of the individual. It is a story from the Himalayas of nurturing harmony within the spirit, the body and the mind. It gives the insight to our Atman the form of self-awareness that enhances our psychological and spiritual wellbeing. Each aspect is deliberately designed to address the Pancha Kosha- the 5 layers of being. Anamaya Kosha (the vital or food component), Pranamaya Kosha (the energy or life force component), Manomaya Kosha (the mental or psychological concept) Vigyanmaya Kosha (the intellectual component) and the fifth aspect Anandamaya kosha (the pure bliss and happiness component) Pancha kosha Himalayan Spa relaxes and rejuvenates the body while allowing energy to flow smoothly through the body. It endeavors to address the consciousness and soothe the five senses: sight, smell, taste, sound and touch. It intends to balance the mind and deepen relaxation, while helping the body to reestablish its natural balance. Thus, any treatment at the Pancha Kosha Spa is a journey into oneself.