The Dwarika’s

A tribute to the Architectural and Cultural Heritage of Nepal

The Dwarika’s Kathmandu is a heritage hotel that takes its inspiration from the architectural grandeur of Newari royal palaces. The hotel houses an extensive collection of artifacts from the 13th century onwards and preserves the aesthetic sensibility of a unique civilization. The elegant courtyards, buildings and rooms contain some of Nepal’s best craftsmanship, capturing the beauty and spirit of an ancient city. For its pioneering work in preserving Kathmandu’s heritage, the hotel has won the PATA Heritage Award and the INTACH- SATTE Award.
The amalgamation of Nepal’s heritage together with its longstanding tradition of hospitality makes The Dwarika’s Kathmandu an intimate experience of a refined Nepali lifestyle.

Architectural grandeur

A landmark of architectural innovation

The hotel is built with handmade bricks, and incorporates original wood works that are centuries old.

What began as an impulsive action grew into a passion, and soon Dwarika Das Shrestha’s commitment to saving, documenting and restoring artifacts took on a life of its own.

Our Story

Faced with the problem of storing these works, he decided to construct a building in the ancient Newari style of Kathmandu using the rescued carvings. He envisioned that this new building, which would operate as a guest house, would allow more people to appreciate Nepal’s ancient cultural history, giving the restored treasures a new lease of life.

The Dwarika’s Hotel as a living museum was thus born.